Our company is pleased to offer you a wide range of timber and lumber wood products of high quality manufactured in ecologically clean Northern regions of the Russian Federation, including Edged Spruce KD lumber, Edged Birch KD lumber, Pine KD lumber. We can also provide surfaced lumber. S4S – surfaced on all four sides (with eased edges) or any other surfacing styles upon request. Our factory is equipped with circular saws, which enable high precision and quality of sawing at the same time achieving the minimal waste.

With the aim to satisfying the different demands of our clients, Aurora Homes provides wood impregnation services via automated kilns made by Italian manufacturer Incoplan with specialized functions in a range that includes conventional dryers and condensation drying equipment, steaming chambers for wood and kilns for the heat treatment of the wooden packaging material in accordance with standards of FAO ISPM-15.

Every single product is subjected to quality control and testing.
Delivery by truck with the shortest possible time.

Office and production

612260, Russia, Kirovskaya oblast, Yaransk, Karla Marksa str, 183